Product Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about product usage for players, trainers, and skate sharpening shops can be found below. 

Improved cutting and cornering due to reduced drag/friction. The ice will feel smoother during those times. Why? Because the blade is not going through the ice dry. That means less energy/ muscle strength is required to hold the blade in place. Additionally, glide length and maximum speed duration are realized. When you consider that the skating style of hockey is all about cutting and cornering it adds up to improved endurance or third period legs.

Skate Fuel forms a permanent liquid barrier once applied and
withstands any abuse a skater or ice surface can put it through
without coming off. It only needs to be re-applied after sharpening.

Roughly 15 applications when used as directed (approximately 3 grams on first use and 1 gram every use there after). May vary depending on skate size, frequency of use, etc. 

It’s very simple to use. Be certain the skate blade is dry, use the
sponge applicator supplied in the bottom of the box and apply
sparingly to the entire blade on first use. AFTER FIRST SHARPENING, Apply to the bottom and about 5mm on the side of the blade. Let stand for 2-3 minutes and wipe of with a soft cloth provided in package.

Watch our application video here

So far we have received good feedback on the performance on synthetic ice from our players and customers. However, our team is still running tests and exploring this application. Below are a couple of comments we've received:

Positive Feedback:

"Just wanted to give you some feedback after last night's sharpening and skate on synthetic ice with Skate Fuel. My son told me he 100% noticed a difference that the skate fuel made on the synthetic guys and it made it easier to skate on the synthetic ice which is usually why most kids don't like it because it is 15 to 20% more friction . With skate fuel it was an easier glide and it felt more like normal ice." - (Forward)

"It felt like I was on ice and could also skate backwards with ease which wasn't the case before." - (Forward)

Negative Feedback

"Felt slightly stickier and like it was slightly more difficult gliding." - (Goalie)

The properties of Skate Fuel remain the same regardless of the steel whether traditional or the various upgrades of colored steel out there. Skate Fuel is inert and does react adversely or differently with any of the steel types. With black steel, the sides of the blade are coated to help reduce friction. When using skate fuel with black steel apply to the bottom of the blade and just a bit on the lower sides of the blade to start. You can experiment and apply to the entire blade to see what feels the best for the skater. Either way, the combination is going to improve blade performance and skater experience. Be certain to reapply after each sharpening. Many of our customers apply to the bottom of the blade every skate session. Be sure to wipe excess off, no need to try and leave a little bit on the blade as it only requires a micro-thin layer to provide its best performance value. 

Skate Fuel does not negatively impact the typical stones on pro-shop skate sharpening machines. Therefore, we do not believe it would have any negative impact on a Sparx Skate Sharpener. We are looking further into this at the moment.

Trainer/Shop Questions

If you are a trainer or shop who carries the product, here are some of the most common questions. 

No. Gusto is used before the last pass to put a smooth finish on the sharpening. Skate Fuel is put on after the sharpening is completed. It is meant to be left on the blade. See application instructions video for best practice!

No it will not. The only time it would do that is if you did not wipe off excess Skate Fuel prior to using the stone.

No it will not. The Skate Fuel will remain attached to the fine metal
particles removed from the blade during sharpening.

No, Skate Fuel will not mix with the snow or water and remains
bonded to the skate blade.

Yes! Skate Fuel reduces friction through aggressive cornering
which allows skaters to hold their edge better. Because of that you
may wish to reduce the grind radius which will bring your skate
blade up out of the ice while maintaining your ability (even
improving) to “HOLD YOUR EDGE”, resulting in reduced drag which improves glide length and speed even more.


We ship products via Canada Post and USPS in the United States. Typically it takes 5-13 business days with standard delivery.

Our team typically gets out your product out from our warehouse within 1-3 business days and provides tracking info on all orders.

Other Questions

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Yes! We were formerly known as SK-8T Fuel. After undergoing a rebrand and improving our product further, we have changed the name to Skate Fuel. Easier to remember and spell. 

We offer a rock-solid return policy. If you don't like it, return it for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it. 

To be eligible for a refund, all items must be returned with original packaging and the Skate Fuel Jar must contain 70% or more of the product in it. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase. 

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